About Our Product: Each order we fulfill is packaged to order. Our candies and chocolates are homemade using our original, old fashioned recipes and no two candies are exactly alike. Because of the delicate nature of candies we do our best to package each order with care, but we can not guarantee against breakage.

Flat Rate & Expedited Shipping: The shipping times listed are based on the shipping time estimated directly from the shipping service you've selected. These times are not guaranteed by us and only include shipping time. Please allow an average of 1-2 business days for making and fulfilling of your order (note: in some cases this can take longer based on availability).  Orders are fulfilled and shipped Monday- Friday (excluding holidays). Orders placed after 3pm EST are received by us the following business day. 

Hot Weather Shipping: When temperatures are above 70 degrees we recommend you add an ice pack shipper to your order of chocolates to keep them from melting. When shipping in hot weather, we may hold an order available at the end of the week to ship at the beginning of the following week based on your location. Some of our candies don't do well sitting in hot weather for extended periods of time. 

Special Orders: Don't see your favorite item? While we try to offer most of our products on the web, not everything is available on here. To order this or to order specialty items for Weddings, Parties, and Special Events please contact our Virginia Beach Hilltop location at (757)965-9295 (note: our store location can not offer flat rate shipping at this time. Shipping prices and packing differ in stores based on handling and availability.)